Week One

The first week of class was great. I was amped to have a digital art class we basically got right in to what we would be doing for the semester. Creating logos, was not my typical thought of a digital art class. After being fully explained what and how the design logos would be done, it all came to make sense. My first assignment was to look for three to five non-profit online organizations, give the background on the organization, and then look for photos that would come together explaining the thought of the organization. It was easily explained than done. I personally did not want to have any of the same organizations as anybody else; although there are millions of non-profit organizations. I wanted to be unique while at the same time doing an organization that knowingly makes a difference. That would give myself a challenge to go up against a most prized logo to see how far it and I would actually get publicly. I ended up doing The March of Dimes. My theory of a new design logo would be to have the face of an actual baby replacing the face of a dime, then to merge the dime inside of a belly. It sounds cool,it will be even cooler to actually see the finished piece.

dime pregnant lady new born march-of-dimes